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Otto’s Creator

A WWII veteran of Irish descent and a child of the Great Depression, Charles G. Cronan was a passionate, gritty dreamer with a sparkle in his bright blue eyes. One of the youngest of nine children born and raised in Reading, PA, Charlie learned early how to work hard and persevere. When he returned to the States after serving four years in the Army, he went to work for his uncles’ sheet metal and roofing business. In 1950, he married a saint of a woman named Joan Frank, and they started a family. In 1959, at the age of 34, Charlie took the big leap – with four young kids (and another two in his future), he struck out on his own. In his mother’s garage, he launched Charles G. Cronan, Roofing and Sheet Metal and built the company mascot – a four-foot tall metal man named Otto.

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Mettle Man Founders

The brother and sister who made the decision to bring Otto to life are big dreamers – just like their dad. In his teens, Jamie Cronan started working alongside Charlie and ultimately took over the business. He pushed hard on the marketing front and proudly put Otto on his team’s work shirts. 

One day Jamie said to his little sister, “So many people look at our shirts and say, ‘Who’s the cool, little metal man?’” A television news and marketing/communications executive, Margaret Cronan knew where Jamie’s mind was heading. The two put their heads together, and after a few years of saying “someday,” finally said, “it’s time.”